Zomby in Sampling Struggles

by Rasmus


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We got beef: The low-down on that heated reark Vs. Zomby controversy, which has seen the famed UK bass music producer coming under accusations of stealing.

Looks like one of the UK's bass music poster boys landed himself in some trouble. Zomby, whose album "Dedication" was easily one of the finest releases of 2011, has run into some accusations of sampling perhaps a little too creatively. At least that's what Brazilian producer reark argues after releasing what he claims is the original loop for "Natalia's Song" from Zomby's latest effort.

reark claims that he sent the loop to the semi-anonymous producer back in 2007, and that Zomby wanted to help him finish the track. After proposing the collaboration, however, the UK producer apparently forgot about the agreement as he posted the loop on his MySpace page and subsequently had it appear as one of the key components of "Natalia's Song".

As of right now, nobody seems to know where the case is going. It is, however, impossible to deny the more than striking similarity between Zomby's track and the original loop that reark just posted on his Soundcloud. For now, 4AD - the label releasing "Dedication" - has partially credited (http://4ad.com/releases/21265 ) reark with the track. Zomby, however, seems unlikely to back down and is responding to the claims with an extensive Twitter rant. Check out both tracks above and below and stay tuned as Zomby keeps the indignant tweets coming.

reark's track: