Zimoun Sound Sculpture


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MNAC, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest

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A stack of cardboard boxes in a room at the MNAC Contemporary Art Museum in Bucharest, Romania seems banal at first glance. It looks like a couple of warehouse guys had a couple beers too many during lunch, which prompted them to mess around in the stockroom, but the artist Zimoun actually cleverly arranged these boxes in collaboration with architect Hannes Zweifel and this sound sculpture installation is in no way a simple device.

This construction is made of 294 constant moving motors, which stimulate cork balls that then tap on their hollow shells. It gives a resounding vibe as you were in the middle of an overwhelming apiary full of buzzin’ busy bees. It could also sound like heavy hail from inside a car or a horde of thundering bulls at a distance. Anyhow this sound of echoing emptiness awakens a feeling in my chest that only nature - or a brilliant artist - can awake.

The video clip was recorded at Zimoun’s Volume exhibition at the Bitforms Gallery in New York City. If this sneak peek gets your chest moving too I’d suggest you to check out Zimoun’s coming exhibition at Rome’s Auditorium from the 2nd till the 28th of February 2013.