Yuri Suzuki’s Fantabulous Experimentation

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Yuri Suzuki
Teenage Engineering

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Royal College of Art graduate, Yuri Suzuki, is a man on a marvellously eccentric mission to reawaken our interest in the physicality of music in an age where digital media prevail. Old radios are transformed into Theremins and digital/analogue hybrid discs are played on vintage record players in the London-based artist’s lab where it seems as if everything is possible.

Yuri currently works with our friends over at Teenage Engineering and we feel certain that his subtly mesmerising talent is being put to good use. At a time where the one-dimensional interface of the touch-screen has the market cornered, Yuri’s vibrant, 3D creations can’t help but instil a sense of wide-eyed wonder in the viewer. You almost feel the melancholy rush of what it feels like when a long-lost friend comes back into your life as you hear the Smiths being played on that strange, shiny disc. Have a listen.