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Pensado's Place
The TMA-1 Studio Engineered by Young Guru

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On the latest episode of Pensado’s Place, the acclaimed online go-to for audio engineering knowledge hosted by grammy-winning engineer, Dave Pensado and music connoisseur Herb Trawick, Young Guru talks about his part in making Empire State of Mind a worldwide hit, ‘matching your skills to the sound’ and how to handle the pressure of the music biz. Mandatory viewing for upcoming and aspiring producers and engineers.

There’s no denying it: Young Guru is a pretty smart guy. Not only that, he’s also able to communicate his sage-like wisdom in a way that makes complex issues seem like glaringly obvious, self-evident truths. Effortlessly and low-key like it ain’t no thing. Big up yourself, Young Guru.

In the 129th episode of Pensado’s Place the affable hosts grill Jay Z’s sound engineer about his part in ‘Empire State of Mind’, how to not get in the way of the song, and the benefits of servicing the products you’re handed by matching your particular skills to the sound you’re working with….and 50-year-old white groupies. Yup.

Aspiring producers and audio engineers, this is more or less your holy grail.

The TMA-1 Studio Engineered by Young Guru