Young Berlin: Box Aus Holz Records

by Emil


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The Tartelet Records boss serves up obscure, tasty Berlin delicacies in the form of Box Aus Holz Records. Take it away, Emil.

In the middle of October Brandt Brauer Frick and I did a small label showcase in OYE Records in Prenzlauerberg. It was on this occasion I first stumbled upon the label Box Aus Holz and its founding members Max, Fiete, Ludwig and Joschka.

When I was 19 years old I spent most of my time getting into trouble, avoiding any kind of hard work. I definitely didn’t have the determination or insight to produce anything remotely constructive, so when I first heard a BAH record, I didn’t believe the guys were just 19 years old. I mean, come on!

However, I soon got over it and started focusing on their musical output, which is top notch. Sampling is a key element and old disco, soul and jazz jams are recycled in the most delicate way. The sound of BAH can best be described as raw slow-mo disco & house, occasionally tinged with a slice of lemon.

This might seem like a common recipe but taking their age into consideration, one can’t help being impressed by the broad musical references and knowledge about genres that have been more or less dead for 30 years. Except for the first two releases BAH is vinyl only and they sell out quick, so don’t forget to pre-order.

Max Graef & Ludwig Labuzinski agreed to make a mix for the AIAIAI blog. Like the label the mix is all vinyl, of course.

Date started: 2011

Members: Max Graef, Fiete Treutler aka TBone, Ludwig Labuzinski, Joschka Seibt Artists: Max Graef, Labuzinski. Andy Hart, Labuzinski & Graef, The ivory boy, twotfd, Hox Sotu, Curl.

Releases: BAH003, BAH004, BAH005,

Mantra: Keep it Raw

Berlin tip: If you are into vinyl The OYE Record store is a must! Ludwig works there, come say hi!

Through the wire: Graef & Labuzinski will release on Tartelet Records & The Gym in early 2013..