Yen Sleep and Broke remix Each Other for Record Store Day

by Ulrik


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Yen Sleep
Record Store Day

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This Record Store Day sees our graphic designer's solo project, Yen Sleep, hook up with Danish duo Broke for a limited edition 12". Cop this visceral slice of intense machine-made music before the vinyl nerds buy in bulk and run for the hills.

Kasper AKA Yen Sleep and his buds from Broke are no strange bedfellows. The two Copenhagen-based acts share a similar, wonderfully warped musical sensibility, which has, through fateful circumstances led them to each other and now straight into the vinyl-buying music lover’s arms. Yes, The hook-up between these kindred spirits of the forward-thinking, synthesized dance beat is a rare one-off, so get at it before it’s too late and the fat lady has...shreaked like a disintegrating cyber raven?

The delectable 12” comes in a super limited edition. Get your sonic kicks on April 25th with this tight mix of dark, uplifting dance music pressed on slab of black vinyl that contains:

A: Spleen United - Sunset to Sunset (Broke remix)

Mads Bergland and Simon Littauer AKA rising, Danish duo Broke, refer to their remix of Spleen United’s stadium-slaying monster as:’ a mix of epic trance and provincial hardstyle.’ This is, other words, not elevator music for the faint-hearted. A more apt description would probably be to call it a relentless and soaring, drum-driven inferno of bleeps and bass that come at you from every angle - a bit like those fucked up, animated dogs in Avatar.

B: Broke - Restless Beach (Yen Sleep remix)

AIAIAI Graphic Designer, MØ-remixer, Yen Sleep AKA Kasper Nørlund Sølvsteen is, of course, also a member of acclaimed Danish synth-rockers Spleen United. Yen Sleep is the solo project that lets him delve deeper into the dense, fuming forest of his twin loves: jacking house and slo-mo synth odysseys. According to Kasper, his remix of Broke’s ‘Restless Beach’ represents:’ Melodic, Ketamine-infused jacking-house.’ Maybe it can also be described as brooding drum machine-trance for ageing Illuminati members? You be the judge.

Get the Yen Sleep/Broke 12" in Studio A and online from tomorrow. Here's Kasper's MØ remix in case you had any remaining doubts vis-a-vis the purchase:

And last but by no means least, the release is supported by - you guessed it - a release party, the location of which will be kept a secret in oldschool rave fashion until the day of the party. Watch this space!