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The brilliant KiBiSi have come up with another brilliant concept: XTABLE – the table that uses kinetic power instead of electricity, and adjusts manually via a hand crank that saves energy and keeps users active.

KiBiSi are very much about sustainable design and their latest invention only serves to further that agenda, albeit in a very subtle manner that probably won’t erase your carbon footprint completely.

Still, it all counts and these types of energy-saving innovations offer us a glimpse into an increasingly sustainable future.

Developed for Danish furniture brand Holmris, the technical features of the design are all incorporated within the table top. The folding X component, which helps in extending and collapsing XTABLE’s height is influenced by mechanical principals also used in carjacks and ironing boards, making it easy to accommodate various working positions. Nice one, boys!

And cheers for putting a TMA-1 on your new table...