Working late at the AIAIAI HQ

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Here's what happens late at night... when nobody's looking.

When Goethe wrote Der Zauberlehrling in 1797, he probably didn’t expect that Mickey Mouse would be starring in it - one and a half century later - in the classic Disney film Fantasia, where little Mickey (often referred to as a three-fingered son-of-a-bitch by Bukowski btw) would save his mentor Yen Sid with the help of animated cleaning-utilities. But less did he expect (we assume?) that when AIAIAI partner Jobbe works late at the HQ, his nightmarish poem becomes reality once again... Unlike Mickey, Jobbe doesn’t seem get much help though.

Track: Renaissance Man - Stalker Humanoid
Video by: Me and Anton

Illustration from 1882 by S. Barth