Waze & Odyssey – Warehouse Project Mixtape



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Waze & Odyssey
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This Friday one of our favorite house music duos will be playing at the Warehouse Project in Manchester. If this mix is anything to go by and you're the kind of intelligent individual who decides to go, you’ll very likely be down on your knees praying to the Dark Lord of House when Waze & Odyssey hit the wheels of steel come Friday.

You know how you only get certain types of music after you’ve been exposed to them in the right environment? We would argue that this is the case with house music. If you’ve never been to a rave there’s little chance that you’ll ever experience the ecstatic highs that come with losing yourself to the beat. This is the reason why my granddad thought that electronic music sounded like ‘dinner plates being thrown down a flight of stairs’ and it’s also why certain types of people make parodying hand gestures and ‘umtchi-umtchi’ noises when confronted with music that's loud and dancy. They just don’t get it.

Someone who clearly do get it are Waze & Odyssey. You might even go so far as to say that they embody everything that ‘it’ is as evidenced by this thoroughly banging mixtape that includes a wide range of vibrations from Canyons, over Four Tet to DJ Harvey as well as a few of their own flawless productions. It’s more or less the kind of impeccable quality we’ve come to expect from one of the most on point house music acts of the new decade.

So if you happen to be one if the people who don’t yet get it, we suggest you go to the Warehouse Project on Friday, so that, you know, you will get it. The rest of you can have listen to the mix and get fired up for what should be quite the no-holds-barred shindig.