War - Brodermordet

by Ulrik


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The Copenhagen punk underground is still stirring, it would seem. Here’s the latest thrash-tastic single from War featuring Elias from Iceage.

If you’re not Danish and it bums you out that you can’t tell what Elias is saying/singing, don’t worry: we haven’t the faintest idea either. These are yet more unintelligible, muddled lyrics that sound great in an intense, lo-fi context but for all we know they might as well mean:’ I’m washing the dishes and in two minutes I’ll be petting my golden retriever ever so lovingly’.

War is comprised of Elias Rønnenfelt from Iceage and Loke Rahbek from Sexdrome and the single ‘Brodermordet’, which means brother murder alludes to the biblical story of Cain and Abel. It also packs a bit of a poppy punch and sounds a little bit like a youthful Suicide getting a brain-freeze from their ice-cream onboard a merry-go-round in an English seaside town. This is a good thing.

Released on Sacred Bones, Brooklyn’s purveyors of the dark and the mysterious, this single rests nicely within ‘The New Way of Danish Fuck You’, but could potentially win a few more fans over to the Danish punk brats’ side on account of its hook-laden accessibility. Have a listen:

War - "Brodermordet" by AwkwardSound2.0