Visualising Sound as Objects




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Andy Huntington

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Imaging being able to watch 3 dimensional sounds. This abstract thought is now attempted. With ‘Cylinder’, a series of sculptures, Andy Huntington and Drew Allan are instantiating sounds via sound data analysis and 3D printing.

By capturing and mapping sound waves in frequencies and time, it creates the possibility of producing cylindrical forms representing the specific spatial characteristics of sound. Furthermore, By processing the mapped info digitally as STL-files in 3D-programs the sounds becomes visible. With new 3D-printing techniques, they also become printable, using a method known as stereolithography.

This design is based on analogue sounds and aims to visualize sounds with a physical expression through digital tools. Moreover, the experiment is a translation of natural sounds; from the analogically auditory to digital physical shapes, using software as well as hardware.

At first glance it seems absurdly abstract, but it's actually pretty palpable. And ultimately, this new design technique inspires and gives a peek into future design solutions - while having the added benefit of being beautifully alluring.