Villalobos Interview on Resident Advisor

by Rasmus


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The on-point Resident Advisor interview the undisputed heavyweight shaman of electronic music.

Ricardo Villalobos is a man of mystery. Of course, he is not hiding his identity behind a moniker as some of his peers (although you do hear people refer to him as "the shaman"), but he is not flaunting his personality at us either. Although there is no shortage of interesting questions to ask the man who is arguably the best DJ in the world, he rarely answers any of them.

For the 100th episode of their 'RA Exchange,' however, Resident Advisor got the opportunity to interview the Chilean/German DJ and producer. Over the course of an hour, we get to hear about Villalobos' early years in the suburbs of Frankfurt, his 32 Depeche Mode concerts, and his hesitance towards the Internet.

Considering the cult-like aura surrounding Villalobos, there is a surprisingly small amount of information available about the guy. If you ever wondered what drives and motivates the person behind a number of the most brilliant and intriguing releases in recent times, this interview is an excellent opportunity to learn more.

Listen to the 70 minutes (or, in Villalobos time, 2 to 3 songs worth) of discussion with Resident Advisor's Todd L. Burns by following this here link.