Video Premiere: Jokers of the Scene – ‘ Pop Shop’



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Jokers of the Scene
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Here’s an exclusive, little treat for you: Sean Dack’s trippy promo for Jokers of the Scene’s brand new jam, ‘Pop Shop’, which will be featured on their extremely promising debut album ‘End Scene’, set to drop at the end of this month via Throne of Blood off-shoot, Throne of Kanada.

Jokers of the Scene first popped up on the AIAIAI radar when our buddy James from the Throne of Blood label sent us a mix from the Jokers of the Scene-related project, Bohemian Groove.

The dark, synth-streaked selection made our sinuses tingle with unbridled delight - which then sent us deeper into the rich, electrifying world that Jokers of the Scene inhabit, only to find ourselves lusting after more of their dense and expansive, analogue escapades. And when they sent us the video for ‘Pop Shop’ we found it a little difficult to contain our fanboyish exhuberance.

As you can probably tell, we're pretty stoked to present this exclusive premiere courtesy of Throne of Kanada. Sean Dack’s busy, VHS-riddled, electronic vistas form the perfect visual backdrop to the delectable, vintage-future pop and it sort of makes us want to invest in an Oculus Rift, so that we can upload this video into the circuitry and experience the frenetic spectacle in brain-frying 3D.

Be sure to cop the album 'End Scene', which drops next Monday, the 26th of May on Throne of Kanada.