Video from Ghostly International’s AIAIAI-supported takeover at Odin New York



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Ghostly International

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It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with our discerning pals from Ghostly International. Not only are they one of the world’s best record labels, they’ve also gradually evolved into multi-armed powerhouse of style, art and design with notables like Sougwen Chung, Matt Shlian and Charles Bergquist on their expanding roster of visual artists. Check out the video that features a variety of Ghostly tidbits, a few AIAIAI headphones and merry New Yorkers getting it on.

For their takeover at ODIN – ‘A holiday affair featuring the art, design’ running until January 6th – Ghostly comes armed with a carefully co-curated distillation of the products normally offered through Ghostly’s online boutique, along with several new introductions and exclusives.

Featured in the space are a selection of limited edition art and prints culled from Ghostly International Editions, such as Biolumin v.2 by Michael Cina, Shore by Charles Bergquist, and Activities of the Inanimate by Andy Gilmore – along with a few Pipes, Tracks, Capital, and TMA-1s.

In other words, checking out this spirited holiday affair comes highly recommended, if you’re in New York over the holidays.