Turning the Brooklyn Bridge into a Gargantuan Harp



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Artist Di Mainstone wants to transform New York's Brooklyn Bridge with the Human Harp, an instrumental sculpture that allows people to physically play the bridge. It’s ambitious, interesting and a little loopy in an arty, tech-infused, New York stylee.

Ever felt like playing the Brooklyn Bridge like a harp? No? We guess that does sound like the spaced out dream of someone who likes to indulge in walks over that very same bridge under the influence of esoteric stimulants. Which will probably rule out quite a few of us. Nevertheless, turning the bridge into a gargantuan harp is precisely what Di Mainstone has set out to achieve with the help of technology integrating Ableton Live developed in collaboration with the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design.

Here’s how it works:

The parasitic instrument magnetically attaches to the bridge via a user wearing a body holster. The holster has state-of-the-art modules with digital sensors that detect and measure the vibrations of the suspension cables, harvesting the sounds through a granular synth and Ableton Live, so people can remix them through movement.

The project is currently nearing completion of its first phase and the plan is to feature the harp on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York when it reopens in 2014.

Something to look forward to, then.

Via The Creators Project