Trevor Jackson Rocking TMA-1s at Rough Trade



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Trevor Jackson

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The legendary DJ, producer, graphic designer and founder of the seminal Output Recordings, presents his new compilation called ‘Metal Dance’ at Boiler Room’s Rough Trade event. Expect EBM, Proto-Chicago-house, synth oddities and percussive curiosities from a classy, modern renaissance man who knows a thing or two about the darker side of dance music.

And he’s got graphic design exceptionally well covered too. If you’re not all that familiar with Trevor Jackson’s work, we dare say it’s high time that you dug a little deeper into his all-encompassing talent.

The London-based creative has been operating at the leading edge of audio-visual culture for more than 20 years and during this time he has, for example, exhibited at the the ICA, BALTIC, GUGGENHEIM and BARBICAN while his record covers for artists like Soulwax have had a huge influence on a generation of graphic designers. What’s more, when he founded the OUTPUT RECORDINGS label it set a new standard that played a significant part in reinstilling uncompromising attitude in dance music with releases from then relatively obscure acts like Four Tet, LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture. Not your average, run-of-the-mill DJ, in other words.

On ‘Metal Dance’ he mines the underground and danceable side of industrial, post-punk and EBM (Electronic Body Music), which this intense, delightfully jarring and ultimately fun ride through the album gives you a pretty good idea of.

Spending two hours in the company of Trevor Jackson and his musical idiosyncrasies is nothing short of an absolute - nay, privileged - pleasure.

Press play and get schooled.