Trans Metro Express 2013



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STRØM Festival of Electronic Music

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The concept of Trans Metro Express is to give four electronic acts the opportunity to compose a live set for the Copenhagen Metro, inspired by a video of a specific Metro stretch. The music is subsequently played live in the moving Metro while the Copenhagen massive go Metro mental, as it were. It’s safe to say that the compentent creatives behind The STRØM Festival of Electronic Music go that extra mile to provide the very best in music, movement, and memorable experience. A fact which this year’s Trans Metro Express was, very literally, a moving testament to. AIAIAI tagged along for the ride and filmed the entire thing, which resulted in this very video. Check it out.

When Philip from Trans Metro Express came to explain the concept to us over coffee, he said something along the lines of:’ It was basically this feeling I got when I was listening to Dopplereffekt while riding the Metro around the Ørestad area. There’s this majestic, dystopic vibe because of all the glass and steel structures and I guess I thought that if I could get this feeling other people would get the same feeling. ‘

We wholeheartedly agree and Philip: you had us at Dopplereffekt. There’s also a kind of irresistible poetry inherent in the combination of music and movement that got us hooked on documenting STRØM’s remarkable project. The name Trans Metro Express is, of course, a reference to the great electronic masters, Kraftwerk, who know a thing or two about the way that that music and movement can infect you with rousing emotion.

This year, was the year that hard techno provided the soundtrack to the ride in the Copenhagen Metro with Jeppe W & Fraktael, Northern Structures, Rewolmer and Ametsub helming the controls of the Trans Metro Express music gear. Check out what all the fuss is about above.

Shout out to STRØM for letting us tag along for the ride.