Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Rocking TMA-1s in the Boiler Room

by Ulrik


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Boiler Room

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African acid-rave and pounding house vibes aplenty, as the man with the tallest headgear in dance music takes center stage at Boiler Room London, armed with facepaint, dancers and champagne. If that opening sales pitch doesn’t have your undivided attention, we will posit the contention that you are well and truly dead inside.

Now, we realize that the man called TEED may be a tad, shall we say, flamboyant for some of you fans of the stripped-down techno persuasion. We would, however, argue that dismissing his colorful steez because of some purist adherence to ‘timelessness’ would be to miss out on bucketloads of fun (not to mention quality music), especially when it comes to this particular mix, which includes gems by African sensation Ata Kak, bangers by Dave Aju & the Invisible Art Trio as well as a few of his own impeccable productions scattered generously throughout the mix.

The girls are dancing, Thristian is wearing the headpiece and everyone’s drinking champagne.

TEED is the man. Time to get down.