Tomas Barfod's Unga Bunga Mix

by Ulrik


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Tomas Barfod

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It's actually been waaaay to long since we featured our old friend and TMA-1 collaborator Tomas Barfod on the blog - which is why a fresh Souncloud update from the Great Dane couldn't have come at a better time. In this mix that he created for Danish national radio show Unga Bunga in early 2013, he once again demonstrates his unparalleled ability for balancing mood and texture with rythm and beat. It's one of those melancholy-yet-uplifting selections that just might have you dancing with tears in your eyes, as the song goes. Failing that, listening to it while enjoying a good cup of coffee and looking at the falling snow through your window, should get you good and ready for 2014.