Tomas Barfod’s TMA-1 Studio Mix

by Ulrik


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Tomas Barfod
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We’ve been pestering our old pal, Tomas for a mix for a while now and lo and behold it’s finally here! The DJ/producer/drummer’s first mix for us is an intense, deep and ethereal affair that will transport you to timelessly grandiose places of concentrated bliss. Mixed on the TMA-1 Studio, Tomas proves - once again - that you don’t always have to shout to get heard.

Ardent followers of our blog will know that we’ve hosted quite a few of Tomas' mixes. It’s always interesting to see – and indeed hear – what the great Dane comes up with. Whenever a new Barfod mix drops I usually rack up his manifold accomplishments while describing what sort of guy he is. But that seems utterly redundant by now. Instead, I’ll leave with what could actually be the best promo text ever written by anyone in the entire universe, more specifically Tiga’s description of Tomas’ music on the Turbo Recordings website:

For most of my life, the only two Danes I knew were: GREAT Danes, those big dogs...and that big Danish goalkeeper. Then I started Djing all over and meeting lots of Danes. One of them was Tomas Barfod, a genius, who makes so much good music I have trouble keeping track. He's involved in WHOMADEWHO, he is TOMBOY, and he does more solo stuff as well. When I got a demo CD I freaked out and tried to sign all the tracks.....and this first 12inch on Turbo is the fruit of my labour (or I guess HIS labour). ?4 tracks of magic, groovy house music. Moody, building trance-house. Chopped up funk-disco. ?I could try, like an idiot, to write more things like : funk-filled-groove-injected-modern-post-disco-house-bombs.... Or things like "aphex-twin shares a drum machine with etienne de crecy in a 70'd era duplex in chicago" ?Or I could just tell you a story about how I was at a hotel gym in LA, minding my own business, playing these tracks on the "ghetto blaster", trying to decide which ones I liked best...when in walks......MICHAEL DOUGLAS!!!!! ....and after "grooving" for a few minutes tells me "this music is great, man" ?Don't trust Michael Douglas: movie-star, oscar winner and SEX addict.....he LOVES Tomas Barfod. Love

And when you’re done reading that, we suggest you put your feet up, pour a glass of full-bodied, crimson red, click the play button and chill out to the all-encompassing talent of Tomas the main man Barfod.

Tomas Barfod's TMA-1 Studio Mix for AIAIAI by Aiaiaicph on Mixcloud