Tomas Barfod Autumnal Mix

by David


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Copenhagen’s electronic music scene is gaining what would only be reasonable to call an impressive momentum. Now counting two major electronic festivals and a growing number of weekly club nights that would be hard to attend without acquiring some sort of mental deficiency, the city’s love for strøm (electricity) could well be reaching its peak.

And there can be very little doubt that Tomas Barfod, our friend and co-conspirator in the TMA-1 project, has a significant hand in this. Remarkably, Tomas is not only of the city’s most excellent selectors, producers and musicians, he has also, until very recently, been head of booking at the Copenhagen Distortion Festival. The credentials range from disco-punk with Whomadewho over helming production duties for bands like Giana Factory, to the gazillions of tracks, and remixes he’s put out on labels like Gomma, Get Physical, Kompakt…the list goes on.

What we’re trying to say is that even if you take up regular exercise, curb your late nights and decorate your home in feng shui and happy thoughts, you’re not likely to equal the musical mojo of the Barfonator anytime soon.

And yet, amidst the gloom there is hope; Tomas has just shared his crisp, new Autumnal Mix where he gives a few secrets away and lets us all bite his style a little bit. Perfect for autumnal cruising and lesson-taking in how to nail the eclectic yet focused DJ mix.