TMA-1 Tester Profile: Tim Sweeney


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Aaah, Tim Sweeney. That bespectacled purveyor of all things tastefully eccentric and subtly subversive. When Tim’s New York radio show Beats in Space is claiming its small share of the airwaves on Tuesday nights, the international DJ mafia know it’s time to listen.

For eleven years New York-based DJ Tim Sweeney has been creating his hugely influential show, and there’s no doubt in the knowing music enthusiast’s mind that he should continue doing what he does best: facilitating the dissemination of the cream of the spaced out sounds of the new disco continuum.

Tune in to WNYU 89.1FM on Tuesday nights from 10.30pm – 1am, or go to and get a healthy dose of new flavour in your ear.