TMA-1 Tester Profile: Teki Latex


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Sometimes we wish we knew French because it would make us able to understand what Julien Pradeyrol AKA Teki Latex was rapping about. It sounds like the head of the dance floor- conquering Institubes label (RIP!) has something important to say when he’s spittin’ and we’re no doubt missing out. We’ll just have to settle for his choice DJing skills and party-starting stage persona that’s the epitome of rowdy, good vibrations.

Teki Latex has been tearing up the international club scene as one quarter of the Parisian electro-rap group TTC since 1998 and much like a Bourgogne wine he ages gracefully. He throws some of the best parties that Paris has seen and it’s hard to find fault with a man whose new concept label, San Pellegrino, releases banging music from all the hottest etno-influenced techno acts from Douster to Zombie Disco Squad. If the Teki Latex tour doesn’t make a stop in your city of residence, we strongly suggest you make the trip to see him DJ a packed night club in Paris.

Paris is burning and it's giving off a heavy whiff of Latex.