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Aksel Schaufler AKA Superpitcher has created epically moving, subtly experimental techno for over a decade. The friend of the original Cologne-based founding fathers of the Kompakt label (Wolfgang and Reinhard Voigt, Jürgen Paape and Michael Mayer) has created his own wonderfully idiosyncratic branch on the rapidly growing tree that is contemporary electronic music.

His first release, ‘Shadows’, from 2000, was, needless to say, put out on the Kompakt label and since then Schaufler has consistently been releasing his moody but somehow exhilarating techno on the venerable Cologne record label.

Superpitcher’s productions possess that rare quality that they’re hard to categorise yet you always know when you’re listening to the Superpitcher sound. Tracks like ‘Mushroom’ and ‘Irre’ are dark, melancholy-filled odysseys that stay in your mind for days and refuse to let go and his remixes for artists such as Dntel and Carsten Jost are poignant reworkings of the original tracks. Schaufler is also one half of Supermayer, the act that he formed with friend Michael Mayer, which showcases different but brilliant sides of both producers.