TMA-1 Tester Profile: Seth Troxler


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Seth Troxler @Ghostly International

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Berlin-based Seth Troxler is the exact opposite of the anonymous, graphic design T-shirt-wearing DJ. He brings personality, wit and a healthy dose of depravity to the table, and his productions and mixes on labels such as Spectral Sound, M_nus, and Bpitch Control are warped, sex-filled takes on the sound of the ‘motor city’ that has given us so many deliciouslydark machine anthems.

Interestingly, The first time we met Seth he was the quintessential ‘nice young man’; pleasant, polite, eloquent (‘I’m sorry, what was your name again?’). We subsequently met the Detroit native about five hours later after his first set, and he had turned into a moustachioed party demon, ready to whip the crowd into a primal frenzy. Fast forward to a day after, where we meet him in London, and he’s an unstoppable master of ceremonies after a ride on Ricardo Villalobos’ private jet with a dozen other DJs. He’s about to play Fabric with Matthew Dear and the good times are rolling faster than the wheels on Hunter S. Thompson’s Cadillac.

Roll on, Seth.