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Pilooski maintains an unwavering dedication in his DJing and re-editing and in his own productions that are always placed somewhere out in leftfield. Moreover, his output is getting recognition from production heavyweights such as James Murphy, so it’s pretty safe to say that Pilooski is on the rise.

If you paid any kind of attention to the disco revival that permeated a large part of the 00s, then you’ve inevitably come across the DIRTY Soundsystem crew from Paris, which Cédric Marszewski AKA Pilooski is a part of. During the last decade there were a million neo-disco parties in hotspots such as Shoreditch in London and Williamsburg in New York that had words like ‘sleazy’, ‘filthy’ and ‘dirty’ on their flyers and you often got the impression that the promoters’ affiliation with this vibe was a fad. The DIRTY crew’s fondness for what they call ‘diskrautrock, south italo-disco, codeine disco and gay dentist classics’ is, however, the real deal. Their parties and compilations such as ‘Dirty Diamonds’ and ‘Dirty French Psychedelics’ reveal a true and unyielding commitment to all things dark, dirty and downright weird.