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Michael Mayer on Kompakt.FM

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Naysayers and haters will tell you that DJs are just random guys who play other peoples records for a living. If you’re ever confronted with this cynicism, you should hand them two mixes: Michael Mayer’s legendary ‘Immer’ from 2000 and his crucial Fabric mix from 2003

If these eminent slices of genre-shaping selection doesn’t convince them that DJs can be musical epicentres, they’re so far gone that you might as well leave them to wallow in their own misanthropy.

Michael Mayer is one of the founding fathers of Cologne-based label Kompakt, which has become an electronic institution by straddling the divide between ecstasy-inducing, 4/4 bangers and emotive, rainy-day techno. It is one of the most important labels of the past decade because of its consistent, quality output and its tireless reinvention of the techno genre. If you’re not familiar with the Pop Ambient compilations series, we suggest you go and get Pop Ambient 2010 ASAP. It’ll brighten your day.

Michael Mayer: Impeccable taste communicated through German efficency.