TMA-1 Tester Profile: Hudson Mohawke


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Crunch, swish, bleep, Ross Birchard AKA Hudson Mohawke’s cominatcha with tumultuous technicolour beats and 8-bit, neon-tinted melodies.

The 23-year-old Glaswegian producer/DJ, who inhabits the same off-kilter universe as Rustie and Flying Lotus has been on everybody’s lips since his album ‘Butter’, a gloriously messy bastard of an odyssey that merged the timeless productions of beat connoisseurs such as DJ Premier, and J Dilla with 90s RnB and tinny day-glo synthesizers. But Hudmo, isn't all about the spectacle. A Track like ‘ Star Crackout’ from 2008 is for example an exceptionally beautiful, simplistic and introspective composition that showcases a more pensive side of the young artist.

Hudson Mohawke got off to a flying start by being the youngest ever UK DMC DJ Finalist when he was 15. He got his fondness for messing with the straight beat from his early turntablism days and this fondness for the off centre , it is still one of the main characteristics in in HudMo’s music.

Warp Records has a new star and his name is Hudson Mohawke.