TMA-1 Tester Profile: Hot Chip


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American folk singer and full-beard-bearer extraordinaire, Bonnie “Prince” Billy once teamed up with Hot Chip to do a vocal reworking of their forthcoming single ‘I Feel Better’, which was renamed ‘I Feel Bonnie’. This marks yet another unlikely collaboration in a series of many, a former being the Alexis Taylor/Robert Wyatt duets on ‘Whistle for Will’ and ‘We're Looking for a Lot of Love’.

Besides their many other obvious qualities, theses collaborations showcase the heightened sensitivity and amplified frailty that ran through ‘One Life Stand’ like water ran through an electrified creek. The earlier, more emotionally detached layer of cool that was channeled in ‘Boy from School’ is always apparent, but you might say that the boy is showing more heart. We love it, and Hot Chip’s cover of ‘Transmission’ has been running on repeat in memoriam of Ian Curtis.

Hot Chip are never chipping away at anything. They’re dedicated to giving us a full potpourri of pop-aesthetics, crunchy beats and elevating electro at all times.