TMA-1 Tester Profile: Erol Alkan


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Is there anyone in the Western hemisphere who hasn’t heard of Erol Alkan, the leather-clad DJ maverick of Cypriot-Turkish descent who’s had a hand in the development of almost every current, identifiable dance floor direction?

Well, yes, undoubtedly. But the man who invented the indie-disco-rave at his London club Trash, commands the kind of respect that makes you wonder why he hasn’t yet been elected ambassador of the European Federation of Badass Nightclubs.

During the course of the noughties Erol Alkan has managed to achieve what most other DJs can only dream of: He runs his own successful label, he produces and remixes some of the most forward-thinking acts in contemporary music (Hot Chip, Klaxons, Late of The Pier), and he routinely plays/slays stadiums – while still remaining relevant to the fickle crowds of the global underground. The boy done good and he shows no signs of stopping.

If you’ve not yet witnessed the epic spectacle that is the Erol Alkan DJ set, we recommend that you go and catch the budding ambassador on tour. You won’t regret it.