TMA-1 Tester Profile: DJ Koze


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Like many other boundary-pushing electronic acts, Hamburg-based Stefan Kozalla started out in the hip hop scene. He earned his DJ stripes in German group Fischmob where he became an accomplished turntablist with an ear for incorporating the more progressive end of the hip hop spectrum.

DJ Koze is still a DJ’s DJ because of his remarkable level of skill behind the decks and the undeniable degree of craftsmanship that shines through in everything he does. And when you look at his musical output in acts like International Pony and the excellent remixing he’s done for artists such as Matias Aguayo, Matthew Dear and the band Battles, it becomes quite clear that his taste for ambitious, leftfield, fringe-sounds has been sharpened and tastefully enhanced to a point where it provides a nice eccentric layer of icing on the bountiful cake that is his musical proficiency.

DJ Koze's on a mission to rock the house from outside the window.