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Louis Brodinski is yet another Frenchman with chiselled features, a skilfully dishevelled indie haircut and zeitgeist-y production skills. These boys get all the girls and quite frankly it’s starting to annoy us. Thing is, We’re not gonna turn the crowd at Sónar into a sea of raving chimps by dropping bass-heavy, etno-techno tracks like ‘Peanut Club’ anytime soon, and it’s a bit hard to compete with that kind of mojo. Having said that, it’s even harder to stay mad at him as his DJing skills and unquestionable talent for creating fist-pumping anthems, makes him such a lovable Frenchy.

Brodinki is currently navigating a vibrant scene where a lot of seemingly disparate musical elements are thrown into the mix with the aim of creating tracks that’ll make your ass move and your head spin. Artists like Mumdance, Crookers and Sinden are employing African rythms, ghetto-house and trance bleeps and the 22-year-old Brodinsky is no doubt at the forefront of this dynamic movement. He’s getting bigged up by everyone from Erol Alkan to Busy P and 2011 is most likely going to be another big year for him.

So yeah, Brodinski is our bro.