TMA-1 Tester Profile: Boys Noize


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Alex Ridha produces epic, thunderous syntheziser riffage carved out of fire and brimstone. This is maximalist music aimed at sweaty dance floors, ready to party the eff down and it’s anything but predictable.

Just when it seemed like the sun had set on the electro horizon, Boys Noize came along and shouted ‘ Oi Oi Oi’ with his debut album from 2007 that took few prisoners and proceeded to slay the clubs and please the critics. It makes sense that he’s survived the various noughties fads as his music and Djing is irrefutable, timeless quality.

The moniker Boys Noize seems quite apt as the cap-wearing German makes a lot of noise while also, well, being a boy. On the other hand, girls have been known to shake their asses and get full-on hyphy to Boys Noize productions, so gender bias is out of the question.