TMA-1 Tester Profile: 2MANYDJS


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As certain participants in 2009’s blisteringly hot Roskilde festival will remember, the 2MANYDJs gig took place at the Cosmopol stage – at the same time as Oasis. While the two white-clad Dewaele brothers were cooking up another punishing tour de force of mash-ups, synth-driven filth and edgy rock ‘n roll, the crowd proceeded to shout: ‘F**k! Oasis! F**k, f**k Oasis! In tune with the music. 2MANYDJs gigs always elicit an interesting response.

Let’s just make it clear that we like Oasis. We just also really like the fact that two Belgian music nerds can make 10.000 people flip the bird to the omnipresent Beatles-loving Mancunians while they’re playing Roskilde’s biggest stage. That’s crowd control. And 2MANYDJs burn down the house in that same fashion whether they’re playing sweaty hipster dens such as Trash in London (R.I.P), or enormous festivals such as our beloved Roskilde.

Ghent’s finest will make you dance into the fire every single time.