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When he's not slaying dance floors as one half of Populette, Andrew Potter designs the cover art for our friends over at Throne of Blood recs. Most importantly, he took some time out to share the art/design sites that are currently floating his boat.


This is probably my favorite art blog. It has really big images and each post has a thought provoking quote to match the imagery. I would love to know more about the people that run it, especially so I could thank them for turning me onto really great artists like Zander Blom.


I think this is run by a female designer/artist out of Madrid, but don't quote me on that. She has a really unique aesthetic and goes on these mini obsessions over certain things like a specific color, or texture, or objects like wallet bracelets. I also suspect that she slips some of her work into these visual rants, so the blog has this cool symbiosis happening between herself and her inspirations. There's also a level of humor to it all which I really appreciate.


I've been getting into a lot of dark and often satanic imagery with Throne of Blood. It's definitely an aesthetic or theme that I've been more turned on to over the past couple years. This is an awesome site run by a dude in Portland, Oregon, and it has a consistent morbidly beautiful vibe. There's also a fair amount of tits and ass which never hurts either.


A site dedicated to all things Jean Giraud, aka Gir, aka Moebius. Moebius has always been one of my favorite illustrators/artists and his books are often hard to find here in the States. There's a ton of stuff on here that I have never seen, and it goes pretty deep.


This one's a bit tough to describe, but I think the name hints pretty well at what is happening here. I'm always amused and perplexed by the content on this site...Tim and Eric meets internet age gone wrong.

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