Throne of Blood Podcast by Bohemian Groove

by Ulrik


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Bohemian Groove
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New Throne of Blood signing Bohemian Groove just dropped this intensely dark yet thoroughly uplifting mix. If you only listen to one DJ mix this week make it this slow-paced, unrelenting journey into warped electronic sound. Here's what the Berlin-based trio had to say about it.

"Come join us after hours at our private campground as the Bohemian Groove allows us to step outside of the spotlight and bring the funk and the noise to the forefront of this late night debauchery.

This long and brooding session focuses on pummelling the dance floor into submission granting only moments of breathing space amidst the intensity of a slow paced musical workout.

The high and the low jinks that ensue are served up in order to blur the lines between the music, the myth and the ritual of the Groove."

Stream the mix here:

Bohemian Groove "High Jinks / Low Jinks" Ep on Throne of Blood now available on vinyl.