Three Delightful Beer Gimmicks



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Drinking cold beer in the summertime is pretty great. In light of this inescapable fact, we highlight a few clever beer concepts. It’s beer ‘o clock.

Let’s just make it perfectly clear that we like our job. But when the outside temperature reaches 25 degrees celsius, you get SPRUNG, as the great poet Sir Mix-a-lot once opined in the heat of a moment filled with passionate lust. And this sprungness is often directed towards beer… which is why sitting at the office, writing this text, effectively doing everything BUT drink beer is not exactly at the very top of your priority list. Still, writing about it is almost as good as drinking it, right? Right…

Anyways, a few cleverly realized beer concepts have caught our eye lately and we felt compelled to share them with you all in the name of summer, beer and people who like beer. Duffman, this one’s for you.

The thing about beer conceptualism is that it’s a well-trodden path filled with classics not easily trumped. On top of that you’re navigating between the Scylla of ham-fisted, frat-boy inanity and the Charybdis of enticing but overly sophisticated visuals that have little or no relation to the product itself. For every great beer concepts there are at least 10 wack ones. Here are three of the good ones:


Guinness have devised a deliciously tech-y way of optimizing the beer drinking experience through QR codes. The jist of it is that it’s activated by the beer itself. You pour the Guinness into your glass, and the beer's dark color subsequently fills out the code. Then it’s time to Scan the code with your smartphone, which ‘makes it tweet about your pint, update your Facebook status, check you in via Foursquare, downloads coupons and promotions, invites your friends to join you’ and so on and so forth. Way to go, Guinness.


Next up is Danish bar/ brewery Mikkeller with an idea that resembles the Guinness concept but then again not really; the Pale Spring Ale, which is the first in a series of four seasonal beers released during 2012, has a label that’s printed with a heat sensitive color meaning that the label gets warm when the snowflake turns into a sun. Not bad, Mikkeller.

Mikkeller Part II

What do you know, the third and final concept is Mikkeller once again. It’s not the most ingenious concept or even particularly cleve for that matter, but we’re suckers for Keith Shore and this collaboration shows us that Mikkeller are a company imbued with a cultured, cosmopolitan taste and we’d be lying if said that this didn’t matter to us. There’s more to beer than just flavor, we say. And Mikkeller nailed that part of beer quite beautifully.

That, my thirsty friends, was our top three of favorite recent beer concepts. The day just ended here at AIAIAI, which effectively means it’s beer ‘o clock. As Homer, the great political thinker and philosopher once said: ‘Beer me!’