The Weekend starts Early

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Lush new mix by Ghostly International's Moderna AKA Missy Livingston

Hot For Heat by Moderna

Here's what you need: a luxuriously paced, focused mix that pulls you out of the post-weekend blues and nudges you gently but firmly into the early stages of pre-weekend jitters. Incorporating everything from Tycho over Bottin to The 2 Bears, the 'Hot For Heat' mix is all warm, dreamy synths, affecting vocals and delicious slo-mo tempi. This is so goddamn classy that we feel like taking the car out for a spin again. Is it just us or does Moderna's background in music writing, DJing and working at Ghostly International really shine through?

Track List:

  1. Jack Shit - TJ Kong and Modular K
  2. Legend Gold (BlackLodge Remix) - Professor LaCroix
  3. Discocracy (Hannulelauri Remix) - Bottin
  4. Left The Ground (feat. Ziggy Franklin) - James Curd
  5. Hours - Tycho
  6. Church (Midland Remix) - The 2 Bears
  7. Twist - Peter & The Magician
  8. Household Goods (Justin Martin Vocal) - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
  9. Behaving Badly (Diamond Lights Techno Remix) - Magnifik
  10. Good Bye Horses - Q Lazzarus