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Shooting an iPhone video with your friends just got a lot more interesting. Say hello to Vyclone - a social video creation, collaboration, and sharing app for iOS.

This app is radical! I mean one out of many. As a social video platform Vyclone lets you co-create, sync and edit multiple views of a shared moment. It connects people shooting videos of the same event, and edits their footage together. The app automatically syncs and edits footage filmed at the same event, making you a movie from multiple angles in no time.

It makes it possible for you and other users to find multi-angle movies to watch by browsing users, tags, location or trends within the app. Like other social media you are also able to follow your friends, celebs, musicians or anyone making killer content.

This means that you can create a collaborative video with others who are also shooting an iPhone video in physical proximity to them even if you’re not friends with or even aware that other people are shooting a video. It all seems pretty simple. Vyclone uses the GPS in the iPhone to determine your location.

If you’re recording a video with the app at the same time and place as others, Vyclone will edit and mix the videos into one video mix. Place four dudes at the same concert and Vyclone will combine all four video streams into a single synchronized music video mix you can now share with your ”crew” (connected Vyclone contacts), the ”crowd” (people who were around you when the video was recorded) or ”Everyone” (having the app).

If you see a video and think you could do a cooler job or ad some blasting clips, you have the option to do so too, since all public videos can be re-edited by any user.

Vyclone is currently available now for free from the App Store, but for iOS only.