The Uniques - Dungeon

by Diana


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The Uniques

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Our resident, Slovakian music nerd makes a convincing case for Slovakian electro-pop.

While traveling around the world I've learned one thing about my home country: people tend not to have a clue about it. Once when I was in Japan they asked me if Slovakia was in France (still wonder where that came from), for other people Czechoslovakia still exists, and in most of Europe and basically everywhere else, Slovakia and Slovenia = tomato, tomato. Confusing these two happens so often that I myself sometimes have trouble figuring out which one it is I'm from.

And I'm not surprised about people knowing so little about my country - I would probably have no clue if I wasn't born there. Frankly it's not the most exciting place to live and apart from the good food and kick ass countryside, I don't miss that much of it. Despite all that, there are things that make me happy about Slovakia now and then, and even more so when they are related to music.

Slovakian band The Uniques are four guys playing very accessible and authentic 80s electro pop with a somewhat melancholy feel to it. I have given up on electro-pop a long time ago, to be honest, and I also think the name electro-pop itself is a bit terrible and often puts me off before I've even give the band a chance. Having said that, there are some who can master the genre quite well just like these four Slovakians doing some intriguing stuff with it.

After releasing their debut album "From the Dust" in 2010, The Uniques finally managed to push their project a bit further with this wicked new video. Inspired by the singer's intense dream, the video to the highly danceable song, “Dungeon”, is filled with darkness and mystery and has a compelling story behind it. Yes, their name is a bit daring for this day and age and it may raise a few eyebrows because to be unique in today's world of music, I think, requires the possession of magic powers. But then again, how many bands from Slovakia that are this cool do you know? No, actually, how many bands from Slovakia do you know?