The TMA-1 Live @ Boiler Room

by Ulrik


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We cannot praise those on-point London hepcats at Boiler Room enough. Which is also why we cannot shy away from the fact that we like it when our headphones are in their excellent show. Here’s a selection of some of the sickest TMA-1 sets imaginable, live in the em-effin Boiler Room.

If you’ve yet to catch a Boiler Room Session then quite frankly, where have you been? Time to get up to speed, son! Boiler Room’s weekly U-stream show is in effect the most exciting thing in the world today when it comes to forward-thinking dance music, and although this might seem paradoxical or even masochistic to some of you, we thoroughly enjoy sitting in our couches with our headphones on and feeling extremely left out of all that fun-time-quality-music-business.

What’s more, If you’re stuck in a pre-party slump and need to summon your inner Bootsy Collins, don’t go for the conventional disco nap. Put your laptop on your lap, lean back and get your voyeuristic freak on to the u-streamed electronic horn ‘o plenty that goes straight for the jugular and punches it too. It might even give it a few Vulcan neck pinches and a swift karate chop if you’re not careful.

Also, check out this video, which is an introduction to the Boiler crew. Nice headphones, guys! Yes, yes, shout out to Blaise and Thristian for rocking the TMA-1 like a couple of champs.

Okay then, here we go. Ladies and gentlemen, lock up your daughters because the main man Thristian is in the house beaming the illest ish directly into your unsuspecting face. Make some noise for the Boiler Room boys!

Carl Craig

We go in hard with Carl Craig from Richie Hawtin’s flat in Berlin. What despicable acts would you have committed to be at this house party? Little hard to see the headphones, but there are a couple of clear money shots towards the end that eradicate all doubt.


As up-and-coming as they come, Brenmar is getting loose with the sharpest beats mixed with the raunchiest R&B. If I’m not mistaken, he drops Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’ at some point. Rewiiiiiiind!


Think we can all agree there can be only one A-Trak. In this recent session he lays down the law and gets about his bidnezz. Thing is, he’s A-Trak and A-Trak’s bidnezz is miles above almost anyone elses’s bidnezz, if you know what I’m saying.


We heart Nightwave to death as evidenced in our interview with her from last year. She’s a great producer, a skilled DJ and this set is yet more super-eclectic, intelligent electronic music from one of the true innovators of the UK bass scene. Hot stuff, we say.


Funkineven looks really, really cool. If this music thing doesn’t take off, he should have a solid stab at making it as an it-guy. Or do you have to be a girl to have an ‘it’ tagged to your gender descriptor? Anyways, this set is pretty sweet taking in oldschool-electro, funk, and tasteful techno.


This has to be one of the very best sets in the history of the show. Because if it isn’t, there’s so much mind-blowingly orgasmic music floating around the internet that the world would implode, or something. We’ve watched this set so many times and we’ve yet to tire of it. Maximalist music takes the day.

Big up the rave massive in the Boiler Room. And hey, if you've got any TMA-1 sightings in the Boiler Room, we'd appreciate it much if you posted it on our facebook. Now go have a barnstorming weekend of radness.


Michael Mayer

At the time of writing this post, we were waiting for this ecstacy-inducing set from the legendary Michael Mayer to be uploaded to Boiler Room's site. Here it is in all its Teutonic techno glory!