The Thread Wrapping Machine


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Anton Alvarez

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The Thread Wrapping Machine wraps furniture in a cocoon of colored strings. Almost like a spider wrapping its spray the Thread Wrapping Machine, Designed by Anton Alvarez, is fixating furniture components together instead of using traditional methods like nails and screws.

The construction is basically a vertical circular rotation loom, which one can pass objects through to intuitively wrap them in glue-coated colored thread. And the result is not only functional. The visual expression has something alluring naïve about its constructed complexity.

Alvarez claims that his project is mainly about creating a tool to help him perform this task quickly and effectively. He explains: “I wanted to create an externalized joint that would enable me to combine a big range of different materials that normally would require very time-consuming methods of joining them together. At the same time, a decorative pattern appears with the different colors of the thread.”

This is a brand new tool and craft for designers and artists. The craft of thread wrapping. The above video shows how this invention works, and below you can see some of the stunning furniture Alvarez created using it.

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The Thread Wrapping Machine