The Sound Taxi Got Nominated in the Midem Marketing Competition



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Midem Marketing Competition

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What do Amnesty, Snoop D-O-double-gizzle and AIAIAI have in common? They all got nominated in the Midem Marketing Competition, that’s what. Our creative director is going to Cannes this weekend to present the project and attend the award ceremony. Fingers crossed!

If you have no idea what a Sound Taxi is or what we're talking about, here's a recap:

MAKE THE CITY SOUND BETTER is the name of the campaign for our latest headphone-release, the Capital, which we designed for the on-the-go urbanite. Striving to back up words with action and break new sonic territory, we teamed up with London-based sound artist Yuri Suzuki in the efforts to engage in an ambitious, design- and sound project that aimed to deliver on the campaign’s motivated promise: to make the city sound better.

This resulted in a taxi that drove around London, recorded the ambient noise of the city through shiny Indian horns, and turned this into music via a software in real-time. Finally, this was then played back to passersby who got the chance to get within hearing range of the Sound Taxi as it drove around the city. Check it out above in living colour.

Needless to say, we’re proud of the nomination in the part of the Midem competition that honours the best music + brand tie-ins. And we’re pinning our hopes on Mix taking home an award that can stand on the AIAIAI shelf next to the Mexican wrestling mask. Go ACID Mix!

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