The Nokia Open Song Project featuring Spleen United



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Our graphic designer’s band have partnered up with Nokia for an open-ended project that splits their new track into 16 different sequences, effectively allowing anyone to switch it up and create their own interpretation of the song. Check out the video for the details on how it came together - and to see Kasper rocking make up in the middle of the day.

So yeah, this is actually quite a neat, little project that lets people inside the art, hence the name ‘Open Song Project’. You get a chance to play around with the different parts of the song and create your own Spleen United anthem. Made in connection with the promotion of the new Nokia Lumia 920, the project takes the place of traditional video in a finalized form... How about that?

Scope the video to see Kasper, Bjarke and the rest of the Spleen posse doing their thing and explaining the hows and whys of the Open Song Project. According to our Creative Director, Mix, this partnership is a prime example of ‘the fruitful cooperation between big business and musicians’. And to be honest how can you not get involved after hearing such a profoundly romantic and starry-eyed proclamation?

Go play around and create your own version of the Spleen United track ‘Hiberbation’ right here: