The mnml ssgs Mix Series

by Rasmus


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The internet is filled to the brim with DJ mix series, but mnml ssgs' contribution to the category towers majestically above the majority of them.

These days, mix series are a dime a dozen. Amidst all the questionable content, however, some true gems are waiting to be discovered. One of them is mnml ssgs' 'ssg special' series. Now, after keeping up the steam for more than four years, the mnml ssgs crew has decided to move on. Over the next few weeks, the duo behind the blog will present the last few mixes (the most recent one is from Donato Dozzy), but to celebrate one of the most consistent series out there, here is a couple of highlights from their impressive catalog:

John Osborn @ Panorama Bar

This mix is a beast. Osborn claims that the mix "loosely represents various streams of my life meeting up in one lake," and rarely have such sources fit so perfectly together. Over two and a half hours(!), he builds a delicate structure of dub techno and house. Everything is hard and relentless, yet so perfectly balanced that you remain hungry throughout. Hat tips for the beautiful use of Manuel Tur's remix of Langenberg's 'Times.' I envy those lucky people at Panorama Bar back in 2010.

Levon Vincent - Happy New Year! 2010 and Beyond

In the very first week of that year, Novel Sound boss Levon Vincent had already stepped up to the decks. Vincent, whose sound is simply unparalleled, started one of his best years yet with a mix exploring his own take on deep house, incorporating Omar S, Fred P, and DJ Qu in the process (while also, on a nerdier note, blending in Mood || Swing's 1995 record "Move Me", which Osborn also spun at Panorama Bar). No hangover here, just the sound of deep house at its finest.