The Life and Times of Ettore Sottsass



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If you have no idea who the great Italian designer Ettore Sotsass is, we urge you to watch this introductory video.

It’s no secret that we make no-nonsense products with a utilitarian edge. On the other hand, we also believe that you can actually take things too seriously. Or perhaps a better way to put it would be to say that there’s often an element of spontaneity and playfulness in what we do, and that it permeates our efforts from product development to communication.

This is precisely the reason we dig Ettore Sottsass, the great Italian designer who made industrial design enticing and fun for companies like Olivetti, and subsequently went on to form the much lauded Memphis group.

Ettore was an inspiring man and this ultra-concise video serves as a nice, little colourful introduction to the Sottsass universe. Prepare to be Sotsassed.