The iPhone Poet

by Ulrik


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We asked our young, talented friend, Anton to make us a video that touched on the theme of sound and was relevant to what we do. This yielded a mini documentary about a young, Drake-loving, Copenhagen-based poet who poses poignant, intelligent questions about authenticity and his role in a social media-saturated technological reality where the notion of self is becoming an increasingly fragmented and elusive idea.

Now, we fully realize that this intro may sound slightly out of the regular AIAIAI ballpark. We don’t usually deal in poetry readings and complex socio-cultural questions that negotiate the multifaceted contemporary identity. But that doesn’t mean we don’t fully support this extremely interesting and honest portrait of Caspar and his pop culture-examining art form. We do. ‘The iPhone Poet’ makes a number of insightful observations and posits quite a few relevant points in the debate about where ‘all this Facebook/Twitter/Instagram business is going.’

A large chunk of the over-30 set (this writer included) are somewhat wary of social media and often see it as a pointless, inauthentic exercise in frivolous narcissism. But Caspar goes completely in the opposite direction and treats it with an enthusiastic curiosity that doesn’t glorify or vilify it. To him it is simply an unavoidable premise of modern existence that should be treated as such. The same goes for technology and popular culture; he writes about his iPhone, because of the simple fact that he uses it all the time and he mentions Drake because he listens to him and believes you can make valid statements within pop music .

Which begs the question: why not? Do you need a big beard, a Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy obsession, and an aversion to shiny things to be ‘authentic?’ As Caspar matter-of-factly puts it: ‘I’m interested in surface.’

Of course, it does help our overall enthusiasm for the video that Caspar is a fan of our products and rocks them in style. But we would make the claim that there’s more to Anton’s video than skillfully shot product placement. It’s a vibrant little snapshot of a young poet who does things his own way, has something to say and makes thought-provoking observations about the age that we live in.

Okay, that’s quite enough rambling from our side. Go watch the video and see what you think.

Track: MØ - 'Maiden' (Yen Sleep remix)