The Funktion 1 Soundsystem Explained



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By the cockiest man alive. Tony Andrews is a brilliant man with a brilliant product. But saying that he respects his competition would be the overstatement of the millenium, which is what this interview makes blatantly clear.

Behold, readers; The future. That is, if everything pans out in our favour. Then we'll probably be sitting around with our delicately flamboyant ponytails riffing about how rubbish all the other audio design companies are, just like Tony Andrews from Funktion 1.

Actually, that's not very likely to happen as we're humble Scandinavians who do respect our competitors and all that. But ponytails will always be the life of the party no matter what, so we best get around to growing those.

Anyways. If you're an audio geek this makes for delectable viewing. Tony basically maps out the ins and outs of the greatest soundsystem on the planet in a very accessible way. And takes a big, steaming - and quite entertaning - dump on his peers while doing so. Take it away, Tony!