The Esoteric Art of Great Sound on Resident Advisor

by Rasmus


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Sometimes you have to hand it to other sites when they pull off great, thought-provoking features. Resident Advisor's 'The Esoteric Art of Great Sound' is excactly that as it features super relevant input from the prominent players within the loudspeaker game such as Jason Baird from Martin Audio and - you guessed it - Tony Andrews from Funktion One.

By now, we're sure you have already seen Tony Andrews explain why his Funktion One brand delivers the best possible sound experience (we may or may not have described him as the cockiest man alive). That clip had Andrews bash the competition as he explained the superiority of F1, but he seemed to be in a better mood when Resident Advisor talked to him recently.

In their article titled "The Esoteric Art of Great Sound," RA investigates what makes for a night of great sound. In the process, they talk to Andrews as well as his peers at Martin Audio and Void Acoustics. The result is an interesting insight into the world of venue acoustics, draping, amplifiers, and DJ redlining ("If you drive them into them red... How can I put this?," Andrews asks, "The whole thing's fucked before you even start!").

The sound aficionados give us some excellent perspectives on the complexities in a field that might not be immediately obvious to the casual listener. Angles, locations, surroundings, cables, and, perhaps not as surprising, a strict no drugs and alcohol policy all contribute to a night with great sound. Head over to Resident Advisor to see for yourself. As Rich Cufley, one of London's premier sound engineers states: "We need to treat audio and human hearing with the respect that it deserves, and we need to push it forward."

Check out the audiolicious extravaganza in its entirety right here.