The Emperor of Antarctica



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The Emperor of Antarctica

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Christian Zander AKA The Emperor of Antarctica was born in Denmark and grew up in Hans Christian Andersen's hometown, Odense. In 1998, he dropped out of high school accepting a job offer from a local ad agency. After that, he worked in Copenhagen on Nike, work which resulted in the first Cannes D'Or Grand Prix given to Denmark since 1961. He then went on to work on the Lego brand at PR firm 'Sigma' before co-founding 'Bottega Areté, an experimental design group and artist collective, in 2002. Bottega Areté were pioneers in the digitally driven VJ scene in Scandinavia in the early 00s. In 2006, he relocated to Bucharest and worked between Denmark and Romania until 2008, when he returned to Denmark to start his solo practice as 'the Emperor of Antarctica' - working on graphics for music, the design of Copenhagen luxury hotel apartments Stay Copenhagen, and as the Art Director for Danish headphone brand AIAIAI. From 2011 till the end of 2012 he relocated back to Bucharest to focus on his own studies again. Focusing on aperiodic patterns and programming. He keeps a tight relationship with us here at AIAIAI and for that we're eternally grateful.